About us

We created Olivi inspired by the concept of the ancient Greece gods, naming our brand after the symbol of that time. According to ancient Greek mythology, the wise goddess Athena gave the Athenians an olive tree - a symbol of wealth, fertility, and well-being.

Athena is the embodiment of a strong woman but, at the same time, conquers her femininity and emphasizes her. With this, we want to highlight the divine beginning within each client, thanks to our jewelry. 

Each of our jewelry has a natural energy that emphasizes feminine nature and is filled with energy that we want to amplify or develop

For instance, our bracelets from the “Magic Chakra Bracelets” collection (link), made of 100% natural gemstones, will help strengthen your inner power of energy, thanks to the strength of your nature, so that you can get what you want faster and more efficiently.


It is enough to dress them every day and have a firm intention.

We only use high-quality anti-allergen materials with an 18K gold coating, and each piece is handmade.

Every single order is hand-packed with love and care before we ship them off to you.

Olivi jewelry label was conceptualized in the USA&Canada to bring you pieces inspired by the high vibrations of everyday life.


Everything you own has a story. Wouldn’t it be nice to know where your products came from and who made them?

What you wear and how you chose to shop say a lot about who you are. As a socially conscious buyer, you are positively impacting the world by enabling rural artisans in underdeveloped nations to support their families and continue to live in their own communities. When you purchase ethically produced goods you are helping to break the cycle of poverty by supporting programs that empower women entrepreneurs and educate children. Fairtrade restores dignity to the artisans and assists women to become role models to their communities. Economic empowerment gives them the opportunity to stay in their villages and they will be less likely to migrate to urban areas. All products you purchase have an impact on the social change of our world.

Although we seem worlds apart from these countries, people all over the world generally want the same thing, to be happy, and healthy and provide the best for their families. We have the same basic wants, needs, and dreams. Your purchase is part of social change by providing hope and a future for those born into less fortunate economical situations.

Because products are handmade and hand-dyed each piece is special, one of a kind and slight variations occur. We are always scouring new finds for you, so our inventory frequently changes and items are available for a limited time.

Check back often for new finds!